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Three amigos Tom, Dick and Harry is personal creation, intended to become an animated pilot (and possibly a series) for both children and adults. With a script and at least 12 synopsis in place. The three robots are fully articulted and stand between 6 and 10 inches high. The other characters are maquettes. Each week, a large prop would feature, the robots would cause havoc with it and the professor would put things right on return to the lab. Computer Graphics seem to be the order of the day where animation is concerned, but I think it would takea lot of computer time to render these robots with quite this look. Below are the Character profiles.Both the copyright and the puppets are for sale.
Tom Tom is the simplest of the three robots and speaks the least, but makes up for it by being the most active of the bunch. When he does talk, his high-pitched monosyllabic stuttering make him sound like MAX HEADROOM on helium. He also makes lots of silly noises during speech, similar to the character from STOP THE PIDGEON/DASTERDLY & MUTTLEY series. I think Joe Pasquali would be a good choice to do the voice of Tom. He is the naughtiest of the three, but this is based on the ignorance of innocence rather than mischief as he also suffers from A.D.D and short term memory loss. He could be repaired in a future episode and become more talkative. I saw Tom's character being similar to Micheal Keatons fourth clone in the film MULTIPLICITY...retarded, defective, capable of great sillyness. His antennea rotates when he's thinking and the top of his head rotates when he's excited.
Dick Dick is Elegant, has full command of the english language and is slightly camp in its delivery, also with a mechanical edge, but not pitched as high as Tom. I thought Julian Clarey would be great as the voice of Dick. He is practical and logical and is the most intelligent of the trio and enjoys a sense of humour that encompasses wit, irony and innuendo but not sarcasm. He often looks at the camera and addresses the audience. He is sometimes SPOCK like with his observations, much to the confusion of the others. Far too independant to be the Professors loyal servant. He is curious and adventurous.....the leader of this hapless band.
Harry Harry is Deadpan, Droll,sarcastic and generally miserable. He is funny in the same way that JACK DEE is funny and he sounds like a cross between VICTOR MELDREW and MARVIN the paranoid robot from HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. Jack Dee would be ideal for the voice of Harry. Having been left out in the rain for many years, he is totally covered in rust and so squeaks a lot when he moves about, so he is understandably unhappy. When he does laugh, its usually at his own jokes. He's a bit jealous of Dick because he's a newer robot and is Intelligent enough to give Dick a hard time. Although these three robots may be at cross-purposes most of the time, they are all freinds together, when push comes to shove. Harry also has a mouse in a treadmill in his chest compartment, so he could sometimes talk to the mouse or take advice from it. His mouth lights up in sync with each syllable to indicate speech.
Professor Pea-brain Professor Pea-Brain is the scatterbrained inventor responsable for all the hardware in the series. Unlike the Heath-Robinson-esque inventor WALLACE (of WALLACE & GROMMIT), Pea-Brain is a retired Scientist of the Quantum Mechanical kind, so he is more interested in large amounts of power and energy and creating things like Time Machines and Matter Transferance devices etc and the fantastic lightshows that go with them. To the Professor, the robots are merely servants created to help him in his experiments, (though are now seldom used due to their defective behaviour) ongoing project, to be meddled with as and when he gets the urge to. He is the stereotypical eccentric inventor, walking that fine line between genius and insanity. He carries all manner of gadgets in his pockets and has steel toe-caps so's as not to have his toes trodden on by a clumbsy robot. He sounds a bit like actor Donald Sinden, but with more gravel. His moustach moves up and down to indicate speech. He has a long suffering wife who knows nothing of his activities below ground.
Mrs Pea-brain She may look brutish, but Mrs Pea-Brain is actually very sweet....and tries her best to look feminine. Even though the Prof loves her just the way she is, she is always doing aerobics, jogging with a walkman and obsessed with getting in shape....only to ruin all her hard work by binging on Chocolates and slobbing out in front of the soaps....and escape from the crazy goings-on thats she's convinced (by now) are a figment of her imagination. She knows nothing of her husbands activities below ground and is unawares that he often makes presents for her , rather than buy they sometimes have a scentific theme (symbol of an atom on a t-shirt or as earrings for example). In a later episode, she will find out about the lab and then hark on at the prof about being clever enough to do the things he does, but not clever enough to invent an anti-fat pill!! The revelation explains much....and she no longer feels confused. The Professor needn't have worried and should have trusted his wife from the start.
  Fembot The professor doesn't really understand what makes a REAL woman tick...and so failed in his attempt to make a female robot. De-activated and rusting in a cupboard, it is only when Tom Dick & Harry find her, that she is brought back to life again. She is sexy and silly (just like the other robots)....and a bit scary, with her huge bulging frog-like eyes...which have large lashes to go with them. Chrome finish, with Black rubber Gators at her joints, she is the most advanced of all the robot hardware at least.
  Brainbot Professor Pea-brain actually has a very large brain....but its not his own. Having rescued a beached whale, he manages to save its life by preserving its brain. Even cleverer than the Professor, Brainy helps him with his experiments...especially the tough ones - like time travel...and upgrading the robots in general. He hovvers around with his anti-gravity generators and has camera lenses for eyes. He has psychic powers.
  Swiss army atoms The first in a series of over-the-top props. Fully animatable, fully illuminated, brushed aluminium finish, retractable probe. Drawing only serves as a departure point. Construction of miniature could be ad-libbed using household objects to save time and money.
  Time Machine A basic configuration only. Plenty of room for creativity and ad-libbing during the construction of the miniature prop. Kids would appreciate this much more than a cigarette packet size gizmo I think.
  Whatever The beauty of futuristic props is that they can be any shape at all and within reason, be anything you want them to be.

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