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Naked Models





The idea behind this advert was to see the kitchen for a second or two and have the viewer believe it was full size, then a hand comes into frame and

destroys the illusion and starts to cook on the mini stove using the GHEE its advertising. I'd love to see the finished advert. Still havnt.

A Team of us at EVOLUTION FX in Richmond London, made this.

My contribution was: the floor, the tiles, the cooker, the dishwasher and six overhead lamps

The kitchen looked more realistic than this on the day of the shoot. Ive seen a still (but dont have it) and it looked fantastic.
it looks bigger when shot from a lower angle Richard Thomas' arm shows you how big the model was (or how small) I think it was about 1/10th scale.

My oven with working door and light

...and a fan at the back
Cute The floor was all about the colour and the texture. I acheived this by dabbing with a scrunched up piece of blue roll (a kind of stiff industrial kitchen roll)
For the tiles, I blobbed this on with a paint brush. I turned all the cones needed and vac-formed thin white self coloured styrene shades. 2 out of the 6 were used.


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