Rover Replica Build

Having built the bulk of the original Rover 'A' for MOON, for me to make this studio scale rover using the same materials, from the same workshop, using the same techniques, should be thought of as a DUPLICATE rather than a replica...a studio spare , if you will.

When making the original, I mighthave deviated from the drawing if it meant saving time, eliminating small step-downs, things like that, so I had to use the drawings in conjunction with photographs to ascertain what deviations were made. The proportions are looking about right. The bulk of the main body is cut from 3mm sheets of FOAMEX and stuck with superglue

For greasy plastics, polyethelene primer makes it possible to superglue


This was part of an electrical connection box clip that bill had a bag of.

pieces which are not original are the torches I used for the headlights. they just aren't available anymore. After having scoured the net and found nothing, I opted to fabricate the tip and cast a smaller torch into it.

Suspension pieces under construction
Checking the spacer distance

Unpainted wheel with hub in position.

These were cast from the original wheel mould (made by Chris Hayes and Richard St Clair)

Wheel hubs for two rovers. original mould castings for the backplate and fabricated foot bars. My working space under the skylight. Great in the summer.
So far so good Two resin shapes sticking up are from an old ZOID toy that we have been using for YEARS

I think John Lee detailed under

the original hatches Id made, on the day.

Someone in the pic INSTANTLY shows how big the model is....and any bald spots.
My new lathe is about to be Christened turning lenses for the headlights I Turned 6 perspex lenses to fit the fabricated torches on the lathe shown (previous pic)
Getting excited about these now. How the Rover separates for access to lighting and batteries.
Undersides Six demasked wheels need some time for the paint to harden (I'll leave them overnight)
My spray booth Kindly given to me by Phil Hark.

Acrylic putty for any major scratches and dings. on the day, smaller ones were left unfilled, so as to give the vehicle a history of Sam climbing over it, moon rock chips, etc., so I'm going to do the same, to give it the same feel as the studio Rovers. Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Water based powder paints used to make the Moondust

This is pretty close to the colour.

This was used to weather the Rover - not black.

Two David Tennants are cut in half and I draw beards on them just because I felt like it. Seriously, they fit into the cabs. this is what I did on the day. Rovers on the drying rack

The first weathered wheel. Im happy its pretty close to the effect on the originals. Now to laquer it to seal it all in.

SIX weathered wheels on the chassis half
This is all that went into the cab on the day, so I'm doing the same now. topless and wheelless rovers
Ready to be shipped to L.A. for Duncan Jones. Just got to screw the lid on.    

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