Gerty Kit Build

After remaining on the shelf unfinished for 4 YEARS, I decided to finish this 1/6th scale Gerty from MOON and make a limited run resin kit to keep me in food while inbetween real jobs.


Thickening up the walls so they are rigid coming out of the mould. Location tangs also there so it all clips together without any guess work. Just made ONE of these and then cast it three times to make another pattern which then would be cast, three at a time on a back plate. The one which they left off in a shot in the film (oops)
I think all the bits are now ready for moulding Most of these are two part moulds to reduce the stress of stretching the rubber around the casting in the future. Rubber gets brittle after 30 or so pulls and I dont want it tearing too early. These patterns are sat on a plastiline wall and there are more risers to go in that half when this first layer of rubber has cured.
Lots of risers for the air to escape. One half cured, the Plastiline has been removed and extra risers have gone in before I pour the final half. The last of the rubber is poured. I end up using £200 worth of silicon...and no waste.
Typical mould showing all the location pips. (something round pressed into the plastiline wall before the first half was poured) All the moulds ready to be put through their paces
The majority of the pieces. this is the first set and will be the ones I finish off for promoting the kit Coming together nicely
A tesco worklight is butchered (run through the bandsaw) for Gertys main screen. I get 8 per lamp. You can see one in position in the kit. for the two strip lights top and bottom, I used micro LEDS. 7 per strip, all soldered very close to one another.
The finished to throw coffee at it like they did on the stage. A certificate of authenticity signed by Bill Pearson and Myself.

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